Pack rentrée slim détox

Pack rentrée slim détox

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Pack spécial constitué de 02 sachets de 14 sacs de thé DÉTOX nature +1 tasse de voyage intelligente en bambou + livraison gratuite à Québec

Soyez respectueux de l'environnement avec la tasse de voyage en bambou et le dos au pack Achetez en ligne

Vous planifiez un voyage et vous vous demandez comment vous maintenir en forme lors de vos déplacements?

Eh bien, pourquoi s'inquiéter lorsque vous avez nos packs combinés exclusifs de sacs et d'une tasse de voyage en bambou intelligente? Notre spécial retour au pack achat en ligne compose de quatre sachets de 14 sachets de thé simples et d'une tasse de voyage intelligente en bambou. Il est tout simplement parfait pour prendre des boissons quand vous le souhaitez et vous sentir rafraîchi et continuer votre routine de désintoxication pendant vos voyages

Bamboos have become very important, environmentally friendly and widely accepted alternatives to the inexpensive plastics used for making travel mugs. Stay up to date with the trend of eco-friendliness; Nokrine has brought an elite combination of the smart bamboo travel mug, paired with 10 exceptionally made tea bag bags for all your travel needs - just for $ 100.00.

If you want to trade in the disposable plastic cups and go green; then our smart travel mugs are the best option. Made from organic bamboo and some other fully compound table materials like corn stripes and resin; our travel mugs are fully reusable. Made from bamboo fibers, our mugs are tough, stylish, strong, lightweight and extremely versatile.

Having a smart travel mug ready to go can make your picnic more enjoyable and you will look cool while traveling. To have refreshments in style; simply choose our special combo pack and treat yourself to immunity boosting and detox teas whenever you want. Our tea bags are handpicked from premium tea plantations and carefully packaged to retain the original freshness of the tea leaves.

Our beautiful bamboo travel mugs are perfect for any type of trip and picnic. They are the perfect reusable cups, with self-direction functions. Our smart colored wood mug will not only ease your drinking habits on the go, but also add a touch of elegance and convenience to your travels. It looks cool, trendy and can be used countless times.

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